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Justin E. Fairfax

Justin was elected Lieutenant Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia on November 7, 2017. Justin is only the second African-American in history, and the first in nearly 30 years since the tenure of Governor L. Douglas Wilder, to be elected to statewide office in Virginia. His Inauguration took place on January 13, 2018.

Justin, 39, has been recognized as one of the top young attorneys in the nation and a rising star in American politics. He is a prominent and highly successful lawyer, political figure, philanthropist, and a proud husband, father, and community leader. In 2013, at the age of 34, Justin was awarded the National Bar Association’s “Nation’s Best Advocates Award,” which recognizes 40 top attorneys nationwide under the age of 40. He currently works as a Litigation Partner in the Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. offices of the international law firm Morrison & Foerster LLP.

He previously served as an Assistant United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia in the Major Crimes and Narcotics Unit of the Alexandria Division. During his tenure as a federal prosecutor, he was appointed to serve as the Deputy Coordinator of the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force. Prior to his service as a federal prosecutor, he worked as a litigator at WilmerHale, LLP in Washington, D.C., following his stint as a federal law clerk to United States District Court Judge Gerald Bruce Lee in the Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria Division.

Justin received a scholarship to attend Columbia Law School where he was selected to be a member of the Columbia Law Review and earned his Juris Doctorate in 2005. He also received a scholarship to attend Duke University where he graduated in 2000 with a degree in Public Policy Studies and was selected as the class graduation speaker for the Duke University Sanford School of Public Policy.

Fairfax Family

Justin went on to serve a three-year term on the Duke University Board of Trustees and is currently serving his third three-year term on the Board of Visitors of the Duke University Terry Sanford School of Public Policy.

Justin’s wife, Dr. Cerina W. Fairfax, DDS is a graduate of the VCU School of Dentistry in Richmond, VA and of Duke University. In 2015, Dr. Fairfax was honored by the VCU School of Dentistry as the Most Outstanding Alumna of the Last Decade. The Fairfaxes have one son, Cameron, and one daughter, Carys, and live in Northern Virginia where they own a home and a thriving family dental practice.

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Press Releases

Lt. Governor Fairfax to Focus on Evictions
On Monday, July 16 and Tuesday, July 17, Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax will convene three roundtables to hear from members of the community in Richmond and Hampton Roads to continue ongoing conversations and better assess the problem of evictions and evaluate solutions.
Lt. Governor Fairfax to Serve in Leadership Role for National Lieutenant Governors Association
Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax has been selected to serve in a leadership position on the National Lieutenant Governors Association (NLGA) Executive Committee.
Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax Joins Governor Northam and First Lady Pam Northam to Focus on Children
I am proud to join Governor Ralph Northam and First Lady Pam Northam as a member of the Virginia Children’s Cabinet pursuant to today’s Executive Order.
Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax Expresses Concern Regarding Reports of Alleged Mistreatment of Detained Juvenile Immigrants in Virginia
I am concerned with today’s report in the Associated Press regarding the alleged mistreatment and abuse of young Latino immigrants being held at the Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Center. I have consulted with Governor Northam regarding this matter, and the Governor has requested that his Administration investigate these allegations and promptly address any confirmed cases of mistreatment. I look forward to the findings of that investigation.
Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax to Deliver Six Commencement Addresses
Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax will deliver the following commencement addresses this graduation season at the following schools and institutions of higher learning.
Justin Fairfax Named to National Lieutenant Governors Association Leadership
Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax will serve as South Region member of the Executive Committee of the National Lieutenant Governors Association (NLGA) following confirmation to the position by his bipartisan NLGA peers. NLGA is the professional association for the officeholders first in line of succession to governor in all 50 states and the U.S. territories.

History of the Office
Forty-two individuals have served as Virginia's Lieutenant Governor

The official responsibilities of Virginia's Lieutenant Governor are set forth in Article V of the Constitution of Virginia. According to the Constitution of Virginia, the Lieutenant Governor's official duties are to serve as President of the Senate and preside over the Senate.

The Lieutenant Governor is elected at the same time as the Governor, but in Virginia, the Governor and Lieutenant Governor are elected separately, i.e., they do not run as a ticket. Therefore, it is possible to have a Governor and Lieutenant Governor of different political parties.

The Constitution of Virginia also provides that the Lieutenant Governor is first in the line of succession to Governor. Should the Governor be unable to serve due to death, disqualification or resignation, the Lieutenant Governor shall become Governor.

In addition to these Constitutional responsibilities, the Code of Virginia provides that the Lieutenant Governor shall serve as a member of several other state boards, commissions and councils, including the Board of Trustees of the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation and the Center for Rural Virginia; the Board of Directors of the Virginia Economic Development Partnership and the Virginia Tourism Authority; the Virginia Military Advisory Council, the Commonwealth Preparedness Council and the Council on Virginia's Future.

While the Governor is limited by the Constitution of Virginia to serving only one four year term, there is no limit on the number of terms that can be served by the Lieutenant Governor.

Lieutenant Governors under the Commonwealth, 1852-1865
  • Shelton Farrar Leake, from Albemarle County 1852-1856
  • Elisha W. McComas, from Cabell County (now WV) 1856-1857
  • William Lowther Jackson, from Wood County (now WV) 1857-1860
  • Robert Latane Montague, from Middlesex County 1860-1864
  • Samuel Price, from Greenbrier County (now WV) 1864-1865
  • Daniel Polsley, from Mason County (now WV) 1861-1863
Lieutenant Governors under the Restored Government, 1861-1865
  • Daniel Polsley, from Mason County (now WV) 1861-1863
  • Leopold Copeland Parker Cowper, from Norfolk County 1863-1865
Lieutenant Governors under the Commonwealth, 1865-Current
  • Leopold Copeland Parker Cowper, from Norfolk County 1865-1869
  • John Francis Lewis, from Rockingham County 1869-1870
  • John Lawrence Marye, Jr., from Spotsylvania County 1870-1874
  • Robert Enoch Withers, from Campbell County 1874-1875
  • Henry Wirtz Thomas, from Fairfax County 1875-1878
  • James Alexander Walker, from Pulaski County 1878-1882
  • John Francis Lewis, from Rockingham County 1882-1886
  • John Edward "Parson" Massey, from Albemarle County 1886-1890
  • James Hoge Tyler, from Pulaski County 1890-1894 (Became Governor in 1898)
  • Robert Craig Kent, from Wythe County 1894-1898
  • Edward Echols, from the City of Staunton 1898-1902
  • Joseph Edward Willard, from Fairfax County 1902-1906
  • James Taylor Ellyson, from the City of Richmond 1906-1918
  • Benjamin Franklin Buchanan, from Smyth County 1918-1922
  • Junius Edgar West, from the City of Suffolk 1922-1930
  • James Hubert Price, from the City of Richmond 1930-1938
  • Saxon Winston Holt, from the City of Newport News 1938-1940 (Died in office; unexpired term unfilled)
  • William Munford Tuck, from South Boston, Halifax County 1942-1946
  • Lewis Preston Collins, II, from Smyth County 1946-1952 (Died in office)
  • Allie Edward Stokes Stephens, from the Isle of Wight County, 1952-1962 (Filled the unexpired term of Lewis Preston Collins, II)
  • Mills Edwin Godwin, Jr., from Nansemond County 1962-1966 (Became Governor 1966)
  • Fred Gresham Pollard, from the City of Richmond 1966-1970
  • Julian Sargeant Reynolds, from the City of Richmond 1970-1971 (Died in office)
  • Henry Evans Howell, Jr., from the City of Norfolk 1971-1974 (Filled the unexpired term of Julian Sargeant Reynolds)
  • John Nichols Dalton, from the City of Radford 1974-1978
  • Charles Spittal Robb, from Fairfax County 1978-1982 (Became Governor in 1982)
  • Richard Joseph Davis, from the City of Portsmouth 1982-1986
  • Lawrence Douglas Wilder, from the City of Richmond 1986-1990 (Became Governor in 1990)
  • Donald Sternoff Beyer, Jr., from Fairfax County 1990-1998
  • John Henry Hager, from the City of Richmond 1998-2002
  • Timothy M. Kaine, from the City of Richmond 2002-2006 (Became Governor in 2006)
  • William T. Bolling, from Hanover County 2006-2014
  • Ralph S. Northam, from City of Norfolk (Became Governor in 2018) 2014-2018
  • Justin E. Fairfax, from Fairfax County 2018-Current
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Office of the Lt. Governor
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